Raw Food
All of the raw food offered at Big Biscuit Bakery & Pet Supply is locally sourced from Victory Farms in Portland, Connecticut

Protiens Avalaible:                                      Deli Items Avaliable:

Chicken & Veggie   1lb or 5lb                              Rib Bones
Turkey & Veggie     1lb or 5lb                              Knuckle Bones
Duck & Veggie        1lb or 5lb                              Dehydrated Beef Liver
Beef & Veggie         1lb or 5lb                              Chicken Necks
Pork & Veggie         1lb or 5lb                              Duck Necks
Lamb & Veggie       1lb or 5lb                              Duck Feet
                                  Dehydrated Fish Bits
                                            Dehydrated Fish Skins
Also Avaliable By Special Order:                      Center Bones

Rabbit & Veggie      1lb or 5lb
Venison & Veggie   1lb or 5lb
No Veggie Protien  1lb or 5lb
10 lb Portion of Any Protien